11: John Schneider: Winning A Grammy On The Fringe

11: John Schneider: Winning a Grammy on the Fringe

For the past three decades, guitarist John Schneider has performed almost exclusively on the fringe, leaving the standard classical repertoire behind in search for music in between the notes. While most would consider this path "career suicide," the further John veered off-course, the more opportunities came his way. John's fascination with microtonal music has led him to do some pretty…

From Starving Artist To Arts Entrepreneur: 5 Steps To Success With David Cutler

From Starving Artist to Arts Entrepreneur: 5 Steps to Success with David Cutler

Hey everyone! Before you listen to today's show, I have a quick favor to ask: Arts Entrepreneurs launched its first crowdfunding campaign and it would mean so much to have your support. Here are four easy ways you can do that (two of them don't involve money): Share this podcast and website with your network of artists. Leave an honest review on iTunes. Share the…

From Passions To Profits: Music Teacher’s Helper With Brandon Pearce

From Passions to Profits: Music Teacher’s Helper with Brandon Pearce

Today, we're traveling to Bali, Indonesia to chat with Brandon Pearce, a piano teacher turned computer programmer turned entrepreneur. Brandon is the creator and owner of Music Teacher's Helper, a web-based software management system that helps music teachers run their own music studios. Brandon started out by building Music Teacher's Helper for his own needs, but after realizing that there was a…

Leaps Of Faith: Saga Fest Iceland With Scott Shigeoka

Leaps of Faith: Saga Fest Iceland with Scott Shigeoka

Today's episode is a continuation of last week's conversations about festival startups. In Episode #3, we heard from David Koren, the Executive Producer of FIGMENT, a participatory arts festival that has been going strong in New York and around the U.S. since 2007. And now, we're going to hear from an arts entrepreneur who's journey as a festival producer has just begun. Scott Shigeoka…